Monday, July 6, 2020

what we learn about the cappuccino!

I thought I knew EVERYTHING about cappuccinos: Carolyn Burke, during a conference on Mina Loy (AND i certainly HOPE Reaktion likes my new version of my book on her!), told me how to get a dry one without the foam, in case one would want that, but now why would one want that????
so this morning on a hot day and outside -- how I love being outside in the summer!-- i found that you can take the little stirrer and if you indulge in brown crunchy sugar on top, you can spend a delightful fifteen minutes or so in the sun swooping the foam, crunchy now, into yourself AND THEN take the rest in the cup for a walk with you, whether you are going, yes, of course masked, to the park or wherever else. 
If you don't have the energy or zoom power to push the top on enough, it will spill out a bit of the cup onto you, but what the hell? So that was my learning from this morning. Back to think about , oh, the rest of life, I guess, but this was the important part.

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