Sunday, July 5, 2020

post July 4

Post July 4, and just to say hello to anyone who reads this! 
all being sort of closed up has been grand for me, because apart from walking around a block or so and making my way to Central Park, masked of course, and trying not to walk into anyone, I have been happily ensconsend -- that spelling looks wrong, but want to Go Walk Now- in our apartment, finishing up the 40, 000 word manuscript called Beginnings of the Prose Poem, which Michel Delville of Li├Ęge in Belgium and I co-edited, and we have MANY translators, from at least eleven different countries, and the languages translated from are Very Many also, whew, what a joy! And my husband, Boyce, is playing Bach and Brahms on the piano, so that is a double joy.We will publish  the prose poem with Manifold Editions at the Graduate School of CUNY where I am teaching a mini-seminar now -- on translation the first five weeks of the fall, and then on omissions and obsessions in the spring. JUST FINISHED, so off, post-walk, to sup with friends of long standing, before plunging in to other things tomorrow. Au revoir to anyone and everyone just about. 

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