Friday, July 17, 2020

Churchill and the Cabanon

So how wonderful is it not to have already disappeared! I have been reading about Churchill in The Splendid and the Vile, etc., and   although I skip a lot about the planes and the war and on, I am glued to the biographical details about Churchill, whom I grew up loving the name and being and profile of... 
I think that must. have been, as well as wanting to give my then very British husband a family of his nation (he never became American, so I became also English), and the Vietnam war, all that, and I swore my allegiance to her majesty on a bible covered in cellophane, so I was glad when it still took, AND this year I renewed it, but I. hate leaving the European Union, and feel perhaps as Scottish 300 years ago, I can reclaim it if Scotland somehow works it out.
In any case, we have our cabanon in France, that I've given to my children and Matthew and his elder son, Theodore, will be going there in August
Must finish and get back to my work, love my independent study group, about translation and interpretation called Poets Together!

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