Sunday, January 1, 2017

oh, new year's day 2017

eons ago, my father, who didn't speak a lot, as I perhaps faultily remember, said we should say Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, to begin each New Year
so when we woke this morning, I was saying inside my head just that, but then we launched into how delightful it was to have lots of friends over last night on New Year's Eve instead  of going out --
and it was, even if the goose was rather (very) overcooked, why did it matter at all ? It didn't and it was a joy all around, including even dishes -- never bothers me, putting in, taking out -- that isn't important, and friends are
so the 2nd ave. subway opens officially today, 2 hours ago -- we will go down to Canal Street and Chinatown tomorrow and have dim sum, of which actually I only like the fried shrimp or whatever comes all frizzled, have never liked those damp pockets of stuff, but I like Boyce's liking and that again is what matters
am about to launch into the next 2 years' project, which is at the moment called Modernist Gatherings: tables and moments, and is about how artistic personae are happy leaving tables where pp either ritually or just occasionally, like happenings, persons either of like or different minds gather either once or many times and go then later about their artistic business more creatively... I signed a contract for it with beloved REaktion Books, who have done, what, six or seven books of mine, the latest being a Pascal (miracles and reason, I don't feel deeply allied with  either of those sides, but his being fascinates me and has for years: the self-punishment and the manysided brain workings and the revelation and the haunting)
ah, happy new year to anyone who might read this!

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