Friday, December 23, 2016


goodness, how remarkable it is to be, to be ABLE to lament privately and publicly, about anything, about how the world has changed since November, not just here but everywhere
today, which happens to be Dec. 23 in the wee hours, I remember a full yesterday, spent trying to doctor my SimplyWoolf text, which, says Charley who runs this bizarre ebook only series -- I accept everything I have never done, so I said suddenly YES to Woolf, having said YES to Proust (I would always say YES to anything Proust of course) but someone else said previously yes, I did our beloved everyone's football heroine Woolf, and now have to do it WHAT? chronologically! imagine writing a biography chronologically, not just thematically, anyway I started that -- then went to MOMA to meet my from so long ago friend Michele Cone, and we saw the Russian Revolution, amazing, large, VERY large, had lunch to celebrate her anniversary with Terry, also from North Carolina, like me , and I had clam tagliolini because at Marea the other night to celebrate Carol Richards' birthday (she saved me for a year at the Getty in 1998 I think it was because I had no car and only a bike (a year in LA with no car, because I don't drive, and she was stupendously great, like Marjorie Perloff, whom I would celebrate any time I could, and where is
ah, so I had seen that the superdirector Peter Richards, whose Anna Christie we ventured out to see in the freezingest night I remember for ages and it was wonderful, anyway, so Peter was having tagliolini and I envied it SO I HAD IT FOR LUNCH at the MODERN and it was really grand

then we saw the Russian exhibition, wow, very wow, and then I went back up to Picabia, for which Michele had written, then photography because I ran into, well, walked into Richard Kramer who had just seen it, then an Italian film something like Venice, the Moon and so on, then supper with Boyce at a new place, Radicchio because of black linguini with seafood and now back to the SimplyWoolf, and yes I would write about her any time I was asked to also
AND Matthew and Emily will have a baby boy and so Christmas is here, since they are here from Cambridge in the old country as it were
so goodnight

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