Thursday, January 12, 2017

The delightful Ruth Franklin just gave us in the Women Writing Women's Lives séminar a sketch of the kind of thing we should and could put on twitter and Facebook, neither of which I have been doing ANYTHING with, but was convinced it was a good idea, for the books we are about to publish and for getting in touch with those who might be able to help us with the ones we are now working on

I was convinced! So I think I sent out a tweet about my forthcoming Blaise Pascal: miracles and reason, and about my présent work on artist colonies, and also went on Facebook, because so many of my friends do seem to be using them both

I LOVED my class on Film Arts giving me a Golden Bowl the last day, and loved showing Derek Jarman's grand and moving Caravaggio on the next to last day, and now will be speaking about the Golden Bowl at a club next year or, I hope, the next

now off to sim, boring but probably a good idea

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