Monday, April 23, 2012

what to do at lunch

so my favorite kind of lunch, which I just had, is an open bottle of white wine (ok, it is today a not very good sauvignon blanc, but it is in the fridge and GREAT with my bought at Duane Reade -- WHAT? -- instant thai lunch, noodles and peanuts, DELICIOUS, roll over, great restaurants, I am about to believe I can take my sabbatical right here, munching on Thai noodles and staying with my husband, WHO NEEDS WRITTING COLONIES???
great. And I love writing for art galleries, three -- no, four -- in last few months, really a delight, I didn't HAVE to major or do a thesis in art history, art is really WHat I Love writing About, who cares about training, ok, a nap of 10 minutes and then, more joy
Jeepers, but am I lucky to live in New York and teach at my very own adored (and affordable ) graduate school of CUNY: How did I get so lucky????

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