Monday, April 23, 2012


how about slowing down and listening -- my husband is playing the piano and that is part of why I like hanging around here and not going off some place to write something or other, which in principle is what I most love after everything else I love, which is a lot
like seeing friends: today Maureen Howard -- a superb writer -- and Mark Probst, one of the driest wittiest wits I know and also a writer, and last week the poet Grace Schulman -- now there's a terrific poet all right (and I am thinking of Gertrude Stein writing on Juan gris, and saying about him he is always right all right, and how the hinge works in her writing and
ok so I am going to go to my writing place and do that,
BUT on the other hand I just might stop somewhere, have a coffee and read something -- right now about Stieglitz and O'Keeffe, but she comes out well and he doesn't in this bio (Benita Eisler) and I am glad Brenda Wineapple has made it into the Academy of Arts and Sciences, another really super biographer
and will I write a book about Jon Schueler and not just this Sky Song piece I just wrote about him for 499 Park, which comes up for me because of Stieglitz's place at 489 Park,
but also Reverdy is always on my mind... how not? Even now that my beloved Pat Terry isn't with us -- I will publish our
Reverdy with our names as co-editors, in her honor

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