Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Nothing in particular today, December 24, although it feels a bit on the edge of something..
This is just to say that yesterday, with great friends, a superb cellist, Susan Salm, and her painter husband, Friedrich Danielis, in the Greek and Roman part of the Met museum, while we were wandering through the Pompeii reminders of grandeur, and then staring at the back of statues, with their folds, I fell in love with a word.
Years and years ago, I went into the field of surrealism, having fallen in love with Andre Breton's face -- and now it is this word: swag.
I love the word swag -- not the word swagger, certainly. But how great to fall in love with, as I believe it is --  part of a curtain.  And only a part: nice.

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