Saturday, January 17, 2009

pools and people

So how amazing is it to have a group of, well, not young, and fiercely companionable women friends all meeting in a neighborhood pool every Thursday morning? the others meet also on Tuesday, but on Tuesday I meet with another group of fiercely devoted women in a Pilates session -- we, led by a super trainer called Pio, are right next door to the pool group, led by a super other trainer, Torrelo, whom we can see through the glass partition. Now I look longingly over at the pool during the Pilates session -- why DO they have to meet at the same ungodly and inhuman hour of 8, anyway? -- but I am faithful to each group, as is fitting. Am I fit, which would be more than fitting? not especially, but I love the idea of community. And from my point of view, that is really exactly what it is all about.  

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