Monday, December 22, 2008

doing things backwards

I loved today, which made itself a perfect example of doing things backwards: very. The 6 train didn't feel like making local stops, so 645 people and me left the 96th street station (local) with a choice to WALK to 86th street (express) or take the bus. It was 13 degrees, so the walking option seemed sort of unappealing to me. I climbed, with about 643 of us into the bus and had a fine time reading Unica Zurn, for whom I have to write a catalogue text for the Drawing Center. Never mind that I  have it in French and will have to quote it in English -- from the German, ooof -- I was riveted. 
Arrived VERY late for an exam we were giving, brilliant Haitian student, then made my way to the Ginger Man for a winter ale with a delightful student now living in France, then (brrrr) over to the bus to get to the oh so terribly cute Alice's Tea Cup on 73rd, West Side, to meet two historian friends. Loved it, ginger tea and ginger molasses cookie, so dry that I had to drench it in milk to consume it sensibly. Did that. 
Freezing bus home, we warmed up a stew I made last week, doused it with Thai sauce, tried making blackberry cabernet sauvignon sherbet (well, the truth will out: Boyce made it, I just licked the dashers), and now I get to read the newspapers from yesterday and today. 
Children here this morning, and yesterday morning -- joy be -- and friends last night. 
Tomorrow morning, after my Pilates class, we meet Susan Salm, my favorite friend cellist, and Frieder her painter husband in the Greek and Roman galleries of the Met Museum.
Life in New York. 

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