Thursday, February 2, 2023

catching up, sort of

 So, thanks for my daughter Hilary's help, I am me, Mary Ann Caws, starting up my long ago (I guess)

blog, persuaded in part by the ooooof book review of my recent (feeling recent!) review of my Mina Loy:

Apology  of Genius 

with Reaktion Books, UK and I THOUGHT it was that MIT and Roger Conover, friend from always, had commissioned it, but nope, and anyway it came out BEFORE the BIG Mina Loy BASH I shan't even be involved in! So Much for Personal Criticism and Subjective Involvement!

However, I have to continue with its importance for me at least , and that is a point I kept making, probably too strongly! (it was really about her poetry and about Arthur Cravan, that eccentric genius!)

I would so happily have concentrated on him, but i think Roger Conover will prefer doing that himself and perhaps I can help a bit. At this advanced age of mine, I should not expect to publish any more, and so -- to the Beinecke  I shall be sending, probably via my brilliant daughter Hilary and her husband Jonathan Caws-Elwitt, not just the original letters of Jacqueline Lamba (third wife of André Breton as in L'Amour fou/Mad Love, which I translated) and Hedda Sterne and some others, having already sent my Yves Bonnefoy, René Char letters but also an immense stack of letters to me and my many. writings on the Scottish Poet and Gardner Ian Hamilton Finlay, immense. Whew! What a bunch of poetic geniuses I have been so fortunate to know!.

Enough for tonight, and so bizarre to pick up my blog again, never knowing if anyone ever will read it!

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