Thursday, September 3, 2020

New York, Provence, Poetry!!!!!

 So the quadruple exclamation points signal that I forgot I HAD HAD a blog and am now attaching it to the Academic Works possibility which means that until you are ready to send something off to your publisher and just want to try it out for size, or for anything, you can just stick it in -- if you are part of the graduate school at CUNY students or faculty or associated -- and that is more or less it.

I am happily volunteering to "lead" or really just welcome a mini-seminar public and we have, most of the participants and myself, been elastically together, sharing what we are reading and working on ("projects" for anyone who wants to take it for one credit in any of the 3 phd programs I am part of, and do one short paper, period) and we all just talk, for about an hour and about 15 minutes, during five weeks, SO INFORMAL (thus, elastic) that it won't ever be anything else, 

except that since this semester it is nominally on the topics of "translation" and "interpretation" and next semester, nominally (I like the word) on "omission" and "obsession" (I like the words), it is sort of hovering around those places.

and i have to do a something on some kind of thing, poddishlly I guess, with some artist (Mark David Baer, whom I know not, but who read a little book I did on the Great Marcel,  from Monterey on PROUST SO I SAID YES,  2 half-hour recordings or whatever

so I am re-reading Le Temps retrouvé and it turns out he read it in Scott Moncrieff's translation (and I had forgotten SM was a spy, don't you love it?) and yes I have to read Henry James' "a bundle of letters"!!! so will send this to various friends concerned with poetry and letters, and so on

so, until next time, best to anyone who reads this, mary ann caws

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