Wednesday, September 16, 2020

back from apple

 so today I went to apple at Grand Central, at 12:03, precisely, unforgettable, because:  ah what luck, said the lovely person there, goodness, you only have to wait four hours, wow

ah, said I , perhaps it might be less tomorrow, ah, the next available time will be after (long date from now, can't remember that ) oh fine, said I and went off to wander and wander

and everything closed in the city, as we know, so I found the Morgan closed of course and walked and walked and had a tacos mariscos at Agave, and a cheering margarita passion fruit, and made my way back to the Apple place, oh well, it has been put a bit later, and so on

however, after a few more hours, I got home at eight with this evening, and can now zoom from this computer, which was the point

for yesterday, ready to speak with my reading group/class, about Derrida's Post Cards and the gloss on them by J.Hillis Miller and how exciting it was to look at the signature Jacques and a tiny stroke to the right: so- WAS this a signature of one person or a feint and a footnote about well perhaps here I am many persons, not Jacques the singular, but... and so on..

I loved welcoming Jacques Derrida to New York because when I ran the French Ph.D. program at our Graduate School of CUNY, I could use a line I had and invite 2 persons on it: i chose Yves Bonnefoy and Jacques Derrida, which was -- I believe-- a good choice, and I kept Jacques Derrrida's running shoes and his French-English  dictionary and sponsored his classes for five years, a true joy


and now I can use this machine to zoom to my reading group and participate in others! 

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