Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Central Park and Gospel at Colonus

well, here we are in New York after living in the Vaucluse in Provence, and with a different, but from always, set of friends I adore, and now back, we , my husband and I , are going to Gospel at Colonus in Central Park tonight and I had SUCH a great time standing or rather, sitting, because a brilliant and kind and knowledgeable gentleman gave me the chair he brought, and so on, and you get to speak with everyone about what they are reading (he was reading Stephen Greenblatt's Tryant, and=about Shakespeare, and we talked about Greenblatt's take on Eve and  you know, that other person, and the park gives you everything, free of course. I have been a "patron" for years and years, which just means I come there and today the seniors were told to go wait in the General Line, which a group of us did, and just everyone is unbelievably interesting.  How does that happen? so I will shut up and say, which I think is true, only in New York.

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Kurt said...

I miss you - are you okay? I love your blog and have missed reading entries. I hope all is well