Thursday, February 22, 2018

Strange thing, teaching when you are in principle retired, but am staying on as a Resident Professor and giving a brief workshop course in Cross-Disciplinary Translation, dealing with obsessions, fragments, seriality, and collage. My graduate students seem to be doing all sorts of jobs, some teaching and some editing Just sent in draft of Creative Gatherings: Art Colonies and Schools, Salons, Studios, and Cafes, or whatever it will be called by the publishers, which will be heavily illustrated, and with nineteen different chapters on places my painter grandmother was part of, such as the Academie Julian in Paris and the Florence Griswold House  in Old Lyme, Conn,  and  and others we visited this past summer, from Barbizon near Fontainebleau to Pont-Aven and Le Pouldu in Brittany, after our usual summer hangout in our old cabanon near Carpentras in Provence. Now, the winter thing in New York, not a bad life.  

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