Sunday, August 21, 2016

Heavens above when things so happily crowd up and around I totally forget I have a blog and of course forget Facebook and such
But today I saw my young friend julie at our neighboring cabanon ---well, down the road a piece -- and she reminded me about such things
And since it is when i get up always in whatever you would think the middle of the night is
'Tis the perfect moment to  remember
Backwards we had this great Sunday lunch repast "aper0" at this neighboring cabanon -- wow with oysters snd shrimp and barbecue and caramel-spice coated chicken etc etc and then pink wine with longtime friends in the village and all that
So last night we had about 22 friendsto say goodbye to summer here -- these all anglophone-- too complicated to mix
And it drizzled but was fun
And tomorrow to our favorite place in vacqueras like gigondas and near the dentelles de montmirail
  After looking for ultrasound something to discourage our doormice and U thunk if putting uo s dign to tell them plolitely
Not To go to a neghbors please will do in french and english of course
Anyway maybe way up a long hill to get a duperb sweet wine or mabybe not
Everyone closes at 12  for sacred lunch

So I turned in my Jean Cocteau er le cinema tto be published un Paris we went to the cocteau museums in menton. Wow his drawins
 of opium cures and sufferung.  and my Pascal coming out in london in March and hsve
To teach film snd art and soeak at nypl on Dadaglobe and so on
Then get talks ready for Penn and Athens and Nagoya settling down in ny is SOamETHING else again
Back to bed perhaps
But forgot the major thin
Matthew and Emily getting married rught after we get back to US day after tomorrow and big deal
Thinking Nada
 Surf  snd all that WOW

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