Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spinning about a Bit

The artist Zardulu, who invented the selfie rat and the three-eyed fish which was used to ”stage a prank” at the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn recently, deserves a mention. She was born in Manhattan in 1971 , it seems, and wars a gold mask and robes, WOW.  And we Did go to Die Materie at the Armory, and we DID go to the Alan Riding play about Florence Gould at the Century Association, so much is going on, and then we are doing a reading from our Lorand Gaspar translations at the Mercer Street Book Store on 7:30 this Thursday, March 31, and so on. And  we are going to the shack on the beach near San Francisco to visit Boyce’s son Alec and his wonderful Maxime and we rush out (well, he rushes out) to get clams and oysters and crabs and salmon, all of which he fishes out of the water near Dillon Beach at the end of April. And then I am going to the Isle of Skye to speak at the College  of the Highlands and Islands about Jon Schueler, the American who fell in love with Mallaig off the Sound of Sleat, and then to Paris to see my always friends Isabelle and Marie-Claire, back to New York, and to Provence with Boyce in July. Oh joy. And to Athens in October to speak about Nicolas Calas, but in between, oh yes I loved writing on Motherwell’s collages for a gallery here, and turning in my books on Woolf (SimplyWoolf) and Pascal, and starting on Cocteau et le cinema for Jean-Michel Place. Still giving my seminar I so love on Twists and Turns, in Modernist looking, about to do Ronald Firbank after Baron Corvo (Fr. Rolfe) and the Golden Bowl….and Pierre or the Ambiguities, loved it all

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