Sunday, October 18, 2015

kalamazoo and back

so getting to and back from and being in Kalamazoo was something else again, just to talk about my Modern Art Cookbook, which I always love doing, and the people were all totally delightful and every single minute was that, and we had superb soups and curried beans of the kind you make pistou with and in that place you walk through a painted cornfield to the rest rooms, very super indeed, and then on the way to the airport a vietnamese lunch with really smart types, an archeologist married to the head of the art institute that invited me -- and he told me about that 19th century ship we used to see in lower new york beneath the subway, about which I may have already written, who has time to look up what we have 1) said 2) written 3) blogged, not a verb I often use...
and storm in new York so flights cancelled so I didn't get to my best friend from always (Sarah Bird Grant Wright)'s funeral in Richmond, so I have written and shall continue to write about her, for she was home to me )
just everything happening at the same time
to wit: a 3 day Roland Barthes conference, of which I missed about a third, including Julia Kristeva and then Richard Sennett, but greatly enjoyed what I heard (inside roland barthes was the provocatively fascinating title) and had a grand breakfast at Magda Salvesen's with Jay Parini and Devon his wife and Tom and Diana Coustineau I have known so happily for a long time
and then to Performers of Westchester, with whom Boyce has been for YEARS, only driving out is more and more a slogging thing, and now to Hedreun Rotterdam's for a musical evening she likes to  have, and perhaps we will get to a film after or not and then work things with students, always joyful, and so on and on, how fortunate we are to have all this to do!

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