Friday, June 13, 2014

when you get up

so when, every single night, I get up, have some rum and nuts from a can (the rum from a bottle of the cheapest rum available from the nearby store, Castillo by name of the rum, just fine for ruminating and then -- or hoping about then-- getting back to sleep, I open whatever is there, I am happy. Tonight it is Art Danto's What is Art? -- Art is gone, but I loved and followed and talked with him over the years he was around. FIRST, he was with Shirley, so we'd talk about Proust, I was going to say "of course, we talked about Proust," but really, how sniffy can you get? So, really,we talked about Proust. How not?

So I am reading Arthur Danto, and that puts me in a good mood, so I can go back to bed. Yesterday, I was concerned about paying FAR too much to have a jacket I mistakenly bought somewhere way downtown when I was exulting over something I heard or read, and it fit miserably so I got it put with shoulderpads, DREADFUL and I didn't take it back there, but to a lace that said it did custom work and oh was I miserable over going back in and protesting I would not pay an exoribtant sum and could they please JUST fix the shoulders but the woman didn't understand the English language, which, apart from French, which I love, is the only one I speak, and so I went back in today, and guess what? I love the way they have made this dreadful jacket into something that looke, well, like a jacket for me.

So I ate my hate or however you put that, paid the sum, and will wear my jacket today. Yes, today, after I hope I get back to sleep. Goodnight.

ps I really do see that my posts would have more readers if I said farewell to the city opera again, or something exciting-like, but you know what? whoever reads this is welcome, and that is the point.

pss and yes, I did write the chapter for the Cambridge History of Modernism about Painting and Sculpture, and turned it in, and will have to fix it, but glory be, I did done it. Last week. After Woodstock, where I went to work on a bio of Georges Malkinewith his daughter, Fern. Yes. Did that. Loved Woodstock. Will go again. In October. To celebrate "The Return of Georges Malkine," or that is the way I think of it. He left Paris for Woodstock. What? Yes. And then returned to Paris, where Aragon celebrated "The Return of Georges Malkine," and so we wil celebrate, again, here in Woodstock, this return. All very surrealist. 

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