Saturday, June 7, 2014

one of those days

when the meringues you have made to celebrate someone's finding an apartment just aren't working, even when you have put the splendid madagascar vanilla your husband ordered for you in them, and a bunch of shredded almonds AND have continued reading student papers, AND are thinking where to send a proposal for your book on your painter grandmother AND waiting to hear about a proposal for a Thinking with Pascal book about his pensees...

but it is sunny and you can go out and Get Fruit

and think about all those ocnverging ideas in your mind like Mallarme and Mahler, ever since you heard Alan Gilbert conduction his Third, and you have a new friend who sang under him and announced how very nice he was

so you should go OUT and come BACK and look at the MERINGUES again, because lots of things change with againness...

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