Sunday, November 10, 2013

Surrealism and the rue Blomet!

So for the last year, it seems to me, I have been writing and writing and writing and rewriting the catalogue essay for the Surrealism and the rue Blomet exhibition at the Eykyn Maclean Gallery at 23 East 67th... It has been a total joy, as much as anything has ever been one, to work with the director of the gallery, Kristy Bryce and her super super assistant, Susan Wallach, it seems to me every day. In between teaching my seminar on Anxieties in Modernist Representation, and writing this and that other and seeing my students and being with my husband and friends and all the things we all do.

But this amazing exhibition, full of works by Andre Masson I have never seen and Joan Miro, ditto and the cards in one echoing the postcards and playing cards in another and all those hands  reaching and playing all  over the tables of the still lifes and the mannequins turned away and so on... and how much fun to have something you hadn't seen come in, like the Miro Cheval de cirque or the Masson painting about the snake, goodness me, so then you think about Timothy Clark's great book on the Sight of Death and on and on.

And have been giving talks at the 92nd street Y and 192 bookshop and national arts club next week on my Modern Art Cookbook, what fun, and many more coming up, and going out to Nebraska to speak on surrealism, and all of that...

French friends staying with me, and my husband's sons about to arrive, never one of those things we used to call dull moments ... the things Andre Breton called the "moments nuls".. not a lot of those

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