Monday, October 21, 2013

oh and I love it when people say: you have written on Paula Modersohn -Becker, may I read it? ABsolutely I say, yes indeed, look up the London Review of Books, August of this very year, and you will see something about fruit, well, that's it

and how I hope some day I can publish a whole thing about my grandmother, whom Otto Modersohn loved, and who was at the Academie Julian in Paris and Worpswede outside of Bremen and who painted with Robert Vonnoh and Bessie Potter Vonnoh, our good friend, living and working in the and in Lyme, Connecticut, at the florence Griswold House,  (they didn't call it Old Lyme when it was!), and whose plantation I grew up on,  and who was SO LIBERALLY endowed after living in the south, all of that

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