Wednesday, June 12, 2013

floors and muscles

so has it ever occurred to you that if you live on, say, the 11th floor, you spend a LOT more time in the elevator every single day than if you live on, say, the 6th floor? Think of it up and down, or being stuck in there with someone you may or may not wish to be spending an extra minute with, or being polite to when they are grumbling about the weather

that's one thing -- and the other day, someone said to me, what floor? and instead of wittily answering: parquet, or tile or tommette or something, I said "just 6" and unleashed at me was a whole many minutes worth of "why are you saying 'just six', six is fine" and so on, and I said, well I LOVE BEING ON SIX AND I WAS REALLY BRAGGING IN MY UNDERSTATED WAY, or that it what I wish I had said

so in my aquacize class yesterday I announced that I had read it took MANY more muscles (we had been discussing muscles as we exercised with our groovy instructor) to frown than to smile and he said, oh, just 2 to smile, no, said I , and he looked it up as we were doing trapeze things and then jumping jack things, ah, it is between 4 and 22 to smile, and so we all smiled

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