Wednesday, June 12, 2013

and I hated

before midnight, boring, boring, boring, and predictable, and i would rather have Rohmer any day, or night, or midnight,  is that who I mean, yes, who has endless talks but they have a sort of jesuitical sense to them
I actually miss studying at the Institute catholique in Paris, it occurs to me, of course, they were benedictines and not jebbies, but I think I was first in kind of love with a jebbie, who had spoken Latin all his jesuitical life and I could indeed talk about the exercises of Loyola, but that was because of Roland Barthes and his book on the three of

and i did NOT marry a Catholic because I could NOT promise to bring up my childrenas Catholics, and the one I was in love with or so I thought smoked 2 cigarettes at the same time, unheedlingly I guess and the woman he had married was all excited about doing interviews with people who bought Keebler's graham crackers and how crunchy they were

now I had a friend who gave up academia, after having written sidesplitting articles whose footnotes began with number 5 for instance, gave it up  because he used the word CRUNCHY and it worked and sold lots of stuff so he went into advertising and made MINTS

and I stayed in academia and love crunchy cookies, but they have not to be chocolate, which my husband likes in everything, like chocolate mint ice cream is his favorite and he is JUSt out of the hospital and longs for mint choc. chip so tomorrow I will hie me to the Key Foods and get choc chip but actually i love more Baskin Robbins because then I can smuggle in Praline whatever along with the choc chip

so I should go to sleep so I will have energy to do all that, I mean, what is all this palaver about writing books and stuff? now am doing art catalogues, fun of course, but not always crunchy

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