Monday, September 17, 2012

Goodness, N.Y.

Don't know how anyone keeps up with the news , you know, print version even, and does any work at all...
such fun to Tweet and glance at Facebook and here I am on a year's leave, as in sabbatical, thinking I'll just
blog and tweet and face and walk in the park maybe
however, am going to a writer's colony, VCCA in Virginia, to see what that one is like -- a year at the Getty
was very yearish, and both full months at Bellagio were very full, so I don't really know what 17 days will feel like, hoping to think about thinking about perhaps writing a memoir of my grandmother, painter and all that, in Worpswede near Bremen, Germany,  and Provincetown and Linville, in the mountains of North Carolina and the small town of Wilmington....
but back to NY, where, I gather, there can be and will be ads on subway cards and stations -- now, I love it in paris when, say, poetry takes over a whole metro station, or art, or something worthwhile, but ads? ah, the economy, stupid
and today we celebrate the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street -- the ghastly undoing and wasting and destruction of the people's library -- and how it spread... I loved being on a panel at the Modern Language Association in Seattle last year with Tom Mitchell who drummed out an Occupy beat...


Kurt said...

Welcome (back) to the Old Dominion! Hope it's a wonderful stay! Can't wait to read all about it.

Ed Baker said...


"- - a year at the Getty
was very yearish"

brought (for some reason)
a smile to my 'me'

while you are 'travelling'
(maybe coming through near here ( Takoma Park/D.C.)
maybe we cld sit on my back deck and watch the weeds/grasses grow?