Saturday, September 22, 2012


 WHAT?don't you love (well, that is, I love) living in a city where a statue gets surrounded by a living room? I see it has happened in other cities, only I didn't know about it, and now, gloriously, it has happened to our very own Christopher C. Sofas, reading material, windows, I mean, what more could any 13-foot guy with a past -- and some past -- possibly desire more than this??? Hooray for Tatzu Nishi, and I hope the Tall Man is happy, looking out, just the way he used to, but a bit more closed in as to view.
And I loved hearing the Rite of Spring, right in this fall, and PERHAPS might go to the Einstein on the Beach, which I saw with my family many many many years ago in Avignon for its opening ... We got to walk in and out as we liked, and I love the idea. And the walk. And Avignon.

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