Tuesday, August 28, 2012

strange sands

so I wrote a blog about the joy of North Carolina sands, specifically on Wrightsville Beach, where I partly grew up (as in, I am only partly grown up, but also as in part of my geographical pas, oh, you know), and now it is somewhere else in some other computer,

the point, however, being that the getting away from wherever you are or were is ultimately useful to the brain and probably heart... and I LOVE being by the water, however rough

so I wandered into the very very rough and grey ocean, rode a wave, let the others ride over me, and was joyous

of course, I am often joyous, and feel so PRIVILEGED to live in New York, which we love, and sometimes in the Vaucluse, which I love and often my husband loves

and maybe I will find the sands kind of blog I was writing when events intervened

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