Monday, June 4, 2012

music working and not

so what is wrong with my concentration on music, which is just about NIL?
with Bach, ok, with some others, several minutes, but my mind wanders and wanders, and whenI pull it back, it just goes off again...
AND I get very very very bored hearing the same things over and over, sorry, even Brahms, whom my husband loves just about every  minute of
well, not Bach, again
and I am impassioned with Glenn Gould's face, as I must have written about 3000 times, including a piece in Raritan that gets put off and off, winter, spring, summer.... called "Thinking North"  -- 
am wondering if I could do something about "Falling out of love" -- tried a piece in the Style section of the NYTIMES on forgetting what someone's name was, whom I thought I loved intensely, now he is the sky, probably wearing his faded green swimming trunks
the first piece I wrote about him was called "Traveling light," and he (then alive, let me say), called it a masterpiece of indirection -- that's what it is to fall in love with an English professor...
Oh, I am one of those also? true enough....

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