Friday, June 1, 2012

Monet's garden

There we were today, at 10, early and the exhibition space at the Botanic Garden almost empty, except a school group, so intelligently shepherded by 3 teachers, with excited 8 year-olds (I'm guessing by size and language..)
rushing about the brilliant colors and commenting: "would you not think this a grand show?" an enchanting red-haired young man asked me? i did indeed think so, especially because of the large and readable boards with various poems by Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine, and Mallarme. (a great Roger Fry translation, that I chose from his whole volume of translations by his -- and my -- favorite poet)... and some of us will do readings later from these poets --
but I see we are to speak about how they have influenced our poetry! well, it is like a garden we never wanted to get out of, though that will scarcely do...

And a Handel opera in the lounge of the Gershwin hotel! of course, and we will make our way to see a film about Mahler on the couch, if I have correctly understood, in the film festival over at Lincoln Center, with a couple of smart-as-hell pals...

Will I ever settle down to tidying up my Modern Art Cookbook, never unless now. So, now.

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Anonymous said...

In an earlier post, you wondered who was reading your blog! I receive it thru email, arriving in deepest Georgia and thank you for it. My admiration for your many books, translations. Especially Breton, Amour Fou. One of my all time favorites. To make this short, thank you! Keep up the fine inspiring work.