Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new faust

overcome by movingness and peculiarity of the new Faust at the Met: the wall of roses! the cherubic angel face all big!
very very Jesus Christ Superstar but with the singing of Kaufman and Pape and that amazing Russian with the immense voice: Marina Poplavskaya, whom we heard as Elisabeth in Don Carlo, goodness, and coming out after in the rain by the fountain and the darkness -- all just right
and in the bus getting there: I think ONly in New York: an intelligent-faced man said to the lady by whom I was standing:
I am so glad you are wearing My Shoes (and indeed she was, and he was not a transvestite, I assume but who knows, but the maker or designer or something) and they discussed how comfortable AND fashionable were her shoes
mine were comfortable, and not especially fashionable and no one rushed up in the bus to discuss them either

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