Monday, November 28, 2011

and the tops of things

ever since getting back from Australia a week ago -- when I cocooned myself back into my ordinary living space and felt fortunate to have one of those =- now that the mayor has undone Occupy Wall Street, and everywhere everyone is undoing their occupy this and that -- I haven't been able to find the tops of things I unscrew or undo. Toothpaste caps, wine bottles -- in Australia, they unscrew the bottles these days, with a tiny plastic seal that comes in the top! no uncorking! -- and all sorts of jar caps. Where are they now? I look under things I pile on surfaces (my son Matthew used to say "she leaves no surface clear of papers" and that is strictly and literally true), I look under counters, I look in the fridge (I still call it an icebox from when the iceman used to bring the ice for us down south...) Different down south I was, and I miss it already, and my friends Rosemary and Paul Lloyd, now living near Mt. Barker, outside of Adelaide. In my perfect world (one of those) all our friends live nearby.
But that wouldn't help my losing the tops of things, just because I wouldn't lose them...

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