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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

trying sebald again

and now retrying to read Vertigo by Sebald because I assigned it to my seminar and can't seem to be involved in it -- Gerhard gave me a copy long ago, and i assigned it to my Anxieties  in Modernist Representations seminar, thinking it must be anxiety-provoking, like the film, but I don't like looking at Kim Novak so didn't resee the film and am now stuck -- this is after reading Dali (amazing rewriting of his original and funnily-misspelled French texts, all neatened up by Gala) and after a mixture of Artaud and  Unica Zurn, and it is fascinating reading these and those on our way to Derek Jarman -- so baroque is all this, so wonderfully thought-provokingly baroque

Bernard came to have tea today, writing about Motherwell, do I have anything else to say about him, ah yes probably but I long to write on Jon Schueler, and will I ever get around to making my wouldbe book about my grandmother the painter into a long essay about my relation to her,as my agent suggests? how, I wonder, would that make it more interesting? But I will of course try...

and the mile-high thesis on Max Ernst I have to read and report on and question the knowledgeable writer of the thesis about in a thesis defensein paris in January.. I see it looming up on the piano...
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