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Friday, June 1, 2012

Monet's garden

There we were today, at 10, early and the exhibition space at the Botanic Garden almost empty, except a school group, so intelligently shepherded by 3 teachers, with excited 8 year-olds (I'm guessing by size and language..)
rushing about the brilliant colors and commenting: "would you not think this a grand show?" an enchanting red-haired young man asked me? i did indeed think so, especially because of the large and readable boards with various poems by Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine, and Mallarme. (a great Roger Fry translation, that I chose from his whole volume of translations by his -- and my -- favorite poet)... and some of us will do readings later from these poets --
but I see we are to speak about how they have influenced our poetry! well, it is like a garden we never wanted to get out of, though that will scarcely do...

And a Handel opera in the lounge of the Gershwin hotel! of course, and we will make our way to see a film about Mahler on the couch, if I have correctly understood, in the film festival over at Lincoln Center, with a couple of smart-as-hell pals...

Will I ever settle down to tidying up my Modern Art Cookbook, never unless now. So, now.

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