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Saturday, January 4, 2020

New year, Saturday the 4th!
gloriously we get to have brunch with Gerhard Joseph, my colleague from years and he and Boyce get to argue and we all get to have a Mimosa (which Gerhard always has) or Bloody Mary (which I have with an extra glass of ice and tomato juice so it is less ooooomphful and lasts longer) and I get to take my small book Milk Bowl of Feathers: essential surrealist writings, with New Directions, a publisher I love
and we saw that wonderful film The Big Year about birding, with all sorts of birds and photography and places and actors, loved every moment!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Monteverdi Vespers of 1610

Monteverdi  Vespers in New York
after a new year's toast to each other, Boyce and I are going to St. Etienne on Lex and 76 to hear these  
ancient Vespers with the quavering sound I forget the name of, same as in Gesualdo ( the Red Monk, I think)
the toast was in pink Zarzetto
this morning I got to swim with the wonderful Torello who speaks during his class, so you aren't bored
and I am l laboring over Alice Paalen Rahon, wow

part 2 of. same:
may I correct and add to this? the sound I so love wasn't until the Magnificat and is like hiccups
or hiccoughs,
correction about labels and addition to what I am laboring over, which is/who is Mina Loy as well as Alice Rahon, only the latter is due next month and the Mina Loy LATER, except that I get enthusiastic about one or the other or both at once, nuts to being organized, at my age, I can't ascend from chaos to neatness
and yesterday I gave away two whole cartloads of books to Housing Works on 89 and 2nd, towed there by my wonderful friend Nathalie Fouyer, who wrote her thesis with me at the CUNY Graduate School on Robert Desnos and Zen
and we had lunch at a grand place  Selena Rosa, on 2nd also, which I hope has enough visitors to remain open for years, unlike so m any of the restaurants closed near us recently, and we had margaritas, one with raspberry and the famous one with pomegranate and crispy tacos with shrimp and Fajitas with seafood and were happy AND now I can walk over my floors without making canals through books, although still on the hunt table all semi-circle are piled up books from whatever I have just finished (big pile of Pascal, of Leonardo, and always art stuff and surrealism and the books I long to read or reread, I and a great pile I am not investigating at the moment, amen

Friday, November 29, 2019

amazing cooking of goose, and when I asked whence came "your goose is cooked" and such,  it turns out that Jan Has sounded like"goose" so when he was burned at the stake, he was cooked. Eeek.

and yams, boring boring to my taste, EXCEPT when they are made into "fries" and at District, our beloved nearby place for brunch and so on, they are super, but also

Boyce made cranberry relish, a true delight and then cheeses: l'epoisse (and I cannot get the accent to stay on the e, but not to worry, I know it has one) and bleu d'Ambert and Saint André and a terrific pecan pie with the worlds's best ice cream, Baskin Robbins praline pecan, ooooh

and I have a red espresso make which gives me JOY as well as coffee

now back to reading about and eventually writing about Mina Loy, which I read also in the bus just now going to get the knife Boyce got me in Kyoto ages ago sharpened , and the young knife sharpener man loved the patina on it as much as I do so I was happified!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Goodness gracious, here it is almost Thanksgiving, and -- a big although, although I of course have not been up my blog, whoever has time to keep up a blog -- keeping I am totally grateful, now with a new knee and a seminar at the Graduate Center I am loving, as always, this one is called maximal/minimal and will transmogrify itself into that and TRANSLATION, which I deeply adore,
well, that is it. For now, and will do more later, warmly to anyone who reads this, grateful I am. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

well this is interesting!
what about Really Occasional Entries
like this:t
you are up in the middle of the night
as always and think about how truly here in Provence about to leave you are so incredibly
grateful for reaching 86 years when your grandmother, because if whom 

Friday, June 21, 2019


interesting when you can feel the gap between your teeth when one 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

New Shoulder!

New Shoulder!

Now with a new, completely new shoulder, I walked a few blocks and felt delightful. So interesting, the lowering of possibilities of things, and then the raising of them once more: like growing aged and losing a year or two.
So we will go to France on Aug 13 until September 15, and that seems quite amazing, like almost normal. Waiting eagerly to see what my new very arty book will look like, and it took 3 years to do at least, for the 30 chapters about gathering around tables and in cafes and academies and salons, and I loved every moment. More soon about more art stuff, and prose poems and such....