Monday, August 10, 2020

red cellphones!

 so I lost my red cellphone ion a taxi and went and replaced it, having exhausted my own possibilities with the former 6x phone, with its broken camera because of which i happily found for myself a Red Phone which I LOVED and will RELOVE!

New York with all its boarded up windows (restaurants, shops, key restore shops, hair salons) and sleeping street people despite the outdoor dining which i Truly Love is not a cheerful place at all -- the ordinary greet now is stay safe, and indeed we so hope to do that...

my first mini-seminar, this five week burst is on translation and interpretation (that is, a canvas seen in two different ways, and so on) and the ten or so involved are in all stages of their careers as poets, professors, writers, musicians, artists, and so on, it is called Poets Together, which has to do not with Poetry essentially as such, but with the attitude.

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