Friday, November 29, 2019

amazing cooking of goose, and when I asked whence came "your goose is cooked" and such,  it turns out that Jan Has sounded like"goose" so when he was burned at the stake, he was cooked. Eeek.

and yams, boring boring to my taste, EXCEPT when they are made into "fries" and at District, our beloved nearby place for brunch and so on, they are super, but also

Boyce made cranberry relish, a true delight and then cheeses: l'epoisse (and I cannot get the accent to stay on the e, but not to worry, I know it has one) and bleu d'Ambert and Saint André and a terrific pecan pie with the worlds's best ice cream, Baskin Robbins praline pecan, ooooh

and I have a red espresso make which gives me JOY as well as coffee

now back to reading about and eventually writing about Mina Loy, which I read also in the bus just now going to get the knife Boyce got me in Kyoto ages ago sharpened , and the young knife sharpener man loved the patina on it as much as I do so I was happified!

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