Wednesday, June 5, 2019

So here it is June 5, 2019, and however we got here, somehow it happened. Responding to a friends' posting about Amor Fati, I remembered the very strong and very moving work of Alix Kates Shulman on her marriage and loss and survival, To Love What Is, of which the ninth chapter is "Amor Fati."And that brings up what we each can do about what is coming at us, sometimes hard.
I walked up to have a glass yesterday evening with the wonderful poet Grace Schulman at the place I hang out,  the Barking Dog. We talked and talked and then, thanks be, she walked me one block home, and being with someone you can talk about everything with is major important.

Just an hour ago, I walked back up that same hill, having decided I would either go to the wine store to renew our Ouzo and Prosecco, exactly four blocks away on the same level, but up, up that hill. Not much of a hill, but how you notice when your left knee is Kaput and has to be changed, and can only be replaced when your shoulder can bear the weight of a crutch, and your shoulder has just been replaced, and there you are in a heavy black leather and such sling. Now I know noticing and paying attention are essential, but how noticing this and that change things.

Never mind, I get to get home and look at what I am writing, always fun. Just as seeing poet or any other intense friends is a joy. Here is to joy!

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