Thursday, March 2, 2017


and so Matthew, head guy, front man, of Nada Surf, and my very own beloved son, is for the moment  in Brooklyn with Emily Bidwell, his lovely and adored-by-us-all wife, waiting for a work visa, so she can work at ETSY in the UK, because Matthew is at the moment based in Cambridge, and that is NOT the Boston one... His son, now 12, is in Cambridge and Matthew and Emily also.

So we were treated, myself and Emily's mom, to a tour of the gorgeous new Brooklyn Etsy, just fantastic... And we go tôt see Alex Wright, our friend from as long as Matthew has been alive, son of my always best friend...It felt like a sort of working haven, with conférence rooms and lounge places, and you could take your computer to any floor and have coffee and do your work and preojects  alone or with others ... I guess this is the way I would envision academia if I could set it up, with places and time to speak with students and friends -- the same thing, actually -- and colleagues, ditto... I wasn't just dreaming, I was thinking, why not?

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