Sunday, January 15, 2017

So exciting, scary, and réal, yes, réal! never mind that they (who ever is they?) are or is putting an accent over my e in everything I wirte, seems odd, because I DO write in English also..
but the (get back to exciting) thing is this now started project on art colonies and cafés and tables and all that, gathering places, all over Europe, first for US peintres and writers and then others -- for my book with Reaktion, I love just beginning
am doing a surréalism anthology for New Directions, now I LOVE working with New Directions, one of my first beloved publishers

I just sent out a Tweet (do I link to my tweets, don't know how, can learn, should have asked Ruth Franklin the other day  -- it is like your MIND is often not in the same PLACE as your body but then that has always been true

ah, IF I could write fiction - I tried on one sabbatical, about the library of Cambridge where I was living just after, or was it during, my divorce, but quelle not interesting histoire it was being

bac, to read The Art of Rivalry, am living it

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