Wednesday, February 3, 2016

reading aloud

so we just gave a reading at KGB Bar, six of us reading our translations and talking about the authors we just translated for a little press called Contra Mundum, and that was fun; always readings are fun, I think -- a friend and I read in New Orleans, books we translated together and separately and also in Woodstock
well, that isn't much news actually and I have to prepare my forthcoming seminar on Turns and Swerves or whatever I called it, in art and text, having to do with how the road bends or the text turns, that kind of thing, as in Nicolas de Stael or a number of other artists I love -- or how the plot not thickens but swoops away differently from what you might expect
we were in NorthCarolina because my beloved sister got robbed and we had to  straighten up after and such and such, and there are mostly pine trees and marshes, lovely, and a kind of unbusyness, unlike New York which I love living in

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