Sunday, August 16, 2015

after nochlin, pascal

After reviewing the wonderful Linda Nochlin Reader (women artists) and the Bernard Jacobson Motherwell: the Making of an American Giant for the TLS,  I didn't allow myself to write another of these blogs until I had at least finished my next try at my Blaise Pascal: Renaissance Lives, as I think  it will be announced... but it is far harder than any other Life, critical or illustrated or any other kind I had ever done-- not just because of history, but also because who knows what tale is correct, what interpretation more than biased...? Mine too, since I do remember reading the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola and being overcome by the way you get to envision all that: the pregnant Mary coming down the road and the rest.. I was taking a philosophy class at the Catholic Institute in Paris in 1952... so very very long ago, yet I feel it in my marrow now...

and of course then Pascal's hiding in his jacket his memorial that bore witness to his experience,  parchment folded in upon itself, so I ended on Dorothea Rockburne's Pascal construction and Jorie Graham's "Manteau de Pascal"
so the chapter on "thinking on thinking" takes much of the room -- will see if it works, this whole proejct, just sent it off two minutes ago

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