Monday, July 6, 2015


Reading the Linda Nochlin Reader: women artists has kept me happily occupied since we have been here -- except for a brief trip to Portsmouth about modernism  -- grand papers --and then an equally brief spate of days in Paris to see the Bonnard and contribute to a documentary on Dora Maar (on whom,  it appears, yet someone else is hoping to and planning to make a feature) and see my friend from always, Marie-Claire Dumas. That was Paris and now the Vaucluse in the it is good to have this review to do for the TLS of this thoroughly engaging series of essays, and also another book on Robert Motherwell to review for them. And, of course, seeing friends at night and in the day, like now, lunch with Connie Higginson and Leon Selig at the Chateau de Mazan, ancient dwelling of the Marquis de Sade, but we aren't planning to enchain ourselves or be enchained for, um, those delights. Nope, just friends. 

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