Sunday, February 8, 2015

wiped out

so that must be it, when your computer decides what you were writing isn't actually worth it...
was writing my rarely-written blog, saying about how much was going on and on and on, talking about my seminar in translation/adaptation and what we are reading, and what I was reading on the side like John Glassie's really fascinating book called A Man of Misconceptions: the life of an eccentric in an age of change which I am quoting a lot, particularly about Queen Christina, who knew about her makeup and wig and everything really greatly creepy and will sneak it all into my Pascal book i am having such fun writing when i get to it -- after preparing this college art association thing next week on "Casting a Talismanic Spell," such fun -- and it all got smithereened out, but at least it isn't that "revenge envelope" i read about today, how you send someone an envelope and out come lots of sticky pieces, ooof

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