Saturday, January 17, 2015


so I never ever knew that what my friends werre saying to me: "oh, I had two eyes done, so one saw far off, one near, I had to balance them, " and it seemed so miracuslous to me, so peculiarly delicious, NOW I UNDERSTAND, I GET IT! I had my right eye "done," as in uncataracted this morning and now, middle ot the night the next night I see BRIGHTLY with one eyes and the way I always did with the other, GOOD HEAVENS HOW IT CHANGES! and when the eye doctor or whatever we call them said to me: "you might want in six weeks or so, to do the other one, " I used to say, "ummm" in my usual and plenteously meaningful way, well, I see what he means. My husband, my beloved Boyce, understands totally what he meant, and says, "you'll see."

Well,  maybe. But in the meantime, wth my left like normal, and the right eye, everything sparkles. IT SPARKLES.
Whether it is worth the anguish of a put-in ring too large for my small eyes (who knew I had small eyes?) for the correction of the astigmatism thing, I don't know. At the moment, I don't think so. How fascinatingly strange. So much in the world goes on, and anything concnerned with just oneself and one's way of seeing is SO SMALL but all the same worth spending a minute or so over... this is that minute. 

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