Monday, September 15, 2014

snippets of time

Isn't it peculiar, and riveting, how small things save small but valuable amounts of time? If you live on the 12th or the 6th floor, think of the elevator time over, say, a year, that you save or spend going up and down? I have been reflectiing on how shorter hair, for example, saves 30 seconds or so of brushing or combing! my husband quips when some car goes speeding by that the lady must be having a baby or someone is due at the hospital, but you can, in your heart of minds, imagine how great it would be to RUSH BY. To say nothing of the nonlickng of envelopes and writing of addresses trhat email spares us. Of course, I love, almost beyond memory, the part in Le petit prince about if you had more time, you would walk to the spring. I would do that, and do the equivalent, even in Manhattan, all the time in fact, which is really about time. But the snippets are fun to consider, even for a snippet of in the middle of the night time. Like Peter Brooks' Carmen iin 40 miinutes... I am reading Wittgenstein with  my students, and love Zettel because of aphoristic brevity: not just Pascal, and Char, but all fragmented intensity. 

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