Friday, August 29, 2014

getting back

so do we ever get back to where we were?
after our glorious -- at least, to me and I hope to others -- cabanon days, anything else is bound to be other. How can it be that France, now especially southern France, now very especially (I know you can't say "very unique," tautology and all that, but very especially especially I can say) the Vaucluse and our cabanon, well, that is not other. Is it, it must be mostly now, the friends? Yes, the MacRaes and the Swans, and the Murrays, and the Andrews and the everyone we love ones... I love hearing how others love our lunches in the foliage and our ramblings in the region, and meeting Bob and Sue in L'Isle-sur-Sorge, even if the restuarant didn't work out quite as we ha hope, high wind, oh, you know if you read this, all of that  - maybe you have visited us, maybe you will, all of that...

so now New York.. I teach next week, modernist singularities (what what? as that grand and crazy king would say, what what?) well yes, singularities, like what an author or a painter triedand neve rdid again...
will have to ask Lee for examples of that...

and in the meantime, am waiting to hear if some press might like to think further about my writing on my granmother the painter, it is so many things seen hrough her eyes: the academie Julian and Worpswede and various art colonies like Provinetown and Old Lyme etc... and plugging a bit at Pascal, having lunch with Jane Isay who suggested I wirte such a thing tomorrow, and JUST FINISHED the proofs of a new Reverdy volume, that I translated with the now gone and still much adored Patricia Terry, whose husband Robert Terry (the very grand ) introduced me and Boyce, well, they both did

and what else? essays on surrealism, oh yes, this is Endless Houses: Surrealist Intensities, ok, fine, and the Gagosian catalogue about Picasso and the camera I so loved doing, and oh well,it is actually delightful to be back and getting in whatever the swing of thiings is

and seeiing my sister Peg, the world's most generous and loving sister I expect, on the beach at Wrightsveille, North Carolina - hey, congratulations, we have there the eighth worst governor ever! wow, what a true acclamation!He taxes the poor to save the rich, now of course, what sense that does make..

and our firend Paula who teaches there, she has to be the best of the best! I guess I should return to be, it being like one or two or somethiing -- and Iam reading Emmanuel Carrere, now Liminov, and have read some others, because we will have a chat at the super 192 bookstore, of Paula Cooper fame, soonish

goodnight, anyone reading this, you sleep well! from a happy iinsomniac to you

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