Thursday, July 24, 2014


So today promises a total delight of a day: Matthew is here, with his son Theodore, and they are doing that most wonderful of things: puttering. We just defined it at breakfast (just JUST enough baguette with grains and a bit of Festival which is local baguette that has won lots of honors, to go around for us four, with honeys and confiture with " fruits rouges" and so on), then to the local pizzeria at the bottom of the hill for lunch: La Farigoule , very thin crust kine, then preparing salmon mousse and lambBoyce makes with all sorts of things in a mold, and so on, for our drink party tomorrow night, about 28 or 29 by my count, some children, all our really good friends in nearabout places, with their visiting families, and luckly, our field is immense, can't see any other property from here, so people can just take a glass of pink or white and wander, and Matthew is in charge of wine and Theodore can  pass plates and that is about it.
Tonight Alexander Swan, Malcolm and Janet's son with a beautiful voice, is giving a concert in nearby Bedoin, and their truly lovely daughter Lucy and her children will come as well almost everyone we ever met here, then of course  a glass after with the musicians, then we will have our little fish in the shape of fish we get once a week, onTuesdays, in our local tiny market of Mormoiron, same day you can get the roasted on a spit chicken... on Sundays in the big market, where producers come from all over the Vaucluse, we get our Salers, tat wonderful cheese with its ctust you have to eat, and our raw ham, if that's the word for this delicacy, sliced thin, i won't go on about it, but will serve some tomrrow night, iguess you roll it and put it on toothpicks... ah, life in the Vaucluse summers.
For Matthew's birthday, Aug. 5, we will go to Les Florets, a lovely outside restaurant at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail, those toothy-lacy hills Matthew and Theodore went up last year -- and hope to every year. I first read Faulkner there, way up in a hollow in the hills, because Rene Char said the Pythie would speak to me there...

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