Saturday, February 22, 2014

now, as in now

All over New York, everything during and after the immense bunch of snow and ice and how do those of us who don't walk well (ooooof to the knee) despite our youth or mediumnish or age, is abounding!
We deeply are into abound, even at home you can abound, methinks.
Haven't made it 3 blocks away to the Guggenheim for the Futurism show, but I will, when temporary (I trust) crutches are laid ASIDE, and the many thesis defenses and so on are over  (temporarily also, April threatens 4 more at least ) and all these talks (lots upcoming have upcome, on the Modern Art Cookbook, as in this week at the NYPL on 42nd, and then Dallas and Little Rock, Arkansas, and a library somwhere in New Jersey, etc., and on Joseph Cornell (as in Charlottesville and Richmond), and on surrealist translation (as in Knoxville, Tennessee -- I've only been to Nashville, which I loved), well, when they are over, whatever.
In the meantime, there are quite enough theses to read, to say nothing of the reading list for my ongoing seminar in Energetic Aesthetics, enough maybe said. 

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