Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And the Show Went On

should anyone read this who hasn't read this book by Alan Riding, AND who is interested in France in the Nazi-occupied times, you will sit up at night reading it, like me, although I am also in the middle of Picasso and Truth by the wonderful T.J. Clark And Alyson Waters' latest translation, by one of my alltime favorite art writers, Daniel Arasse, who actually came to my class when I was teaching at Jussieu, and whose book on Le Detail is just riveting -- as are all these three

Ah, how I had wanted to stay in philosophy and art history, which was -- I thought -- my double major ah so long ago at Bryn Mawr -- but I wanted more to go to France, as some visitor suggested we could only I knew no French. But that didn't seem to matter somehow and so, I never got over it.

Or over Pascal, because of that abyss on his left side. And the rest. One of these hours, I really must go back to bed, but then I do NOT see how I will ever get to read anything. Daylight is so taken up with whatever it is taken up with. And in the wee hours, all is quiet, even in N.Y. so it is actually my favorite time. Next to all my other favorite times. I find it kind of engaging that I have 2 books coming out this month in principle, and have not seen either: Pierre Reverdy (with 14 translators) and the Modern Art Cookbook (just did podcast about it from our more than rustically elegant, I think, cabanon in Provence) and neither of them have I seen, except in proof. That is kind of appealing. 

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